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Great for youthful feeling projects, teen-targeted audience, fashion catwalk, workout exercises. Energetic future chill music track with a romantic feel. Perfect for relaxing moments, love and travels scenes, dreams and sunshine. Pop style corporate royalty free music with a modern tropical beat. The entire track is based on the powerful sound of drums and bass mixed with stomps and claps. Beautiful piano fills together with light plucked synth, bass and pads create warm background atmosphere. Upbeat and happy modern dance music, with a great energy and young mood, featuring bright and wide expansive synth pads, pumping drum beat.

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Sparkling and acoustic indie background music track with acoustic guitars, claps, tambourine, acoustic drums, bells, piano, bass. An uplifting, mellow, upbeat and motivating background track with modern indie pop vibes.

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This is a positive tropical house pop music, full of fun and summer vibes. Крымские горы — горы миниатюрные. Great track exfravel drone videos, sky timelapse, urban space, and other stylish projects. Music is such an integral part of life; you hear music in the background at stores, while using public transportation, visiting the dentist, it is practically everywhere you go.

Good production audio for the slideshow, presentation, youtube, advertising, business project, motivational and successful videos, inspiring moments, bright achievements, film scores. A happy, upbeat, fun, optimistic, fresh, carefree, bouncy, cheerful, joyful track. A stylish modern classical track featuring dance synth beats, warm strings, sincere acoustic guitar and piano.


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The track consists of powerful drums, bass, supersaw leads, uplifting buildup музыкс rolls, claps, risers and melodic pitched voice chops. Perfect for commercials, advertising, marketing, TV show, YouTube vlogs, travel shows, children videos, summer vacation and more. Useful in travel videos, Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects, slow motion and time-lapse visuals. Featuring digital synths, acoustc piano, electric guitar, electric bass and percussion.

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В Крыму приветливые и тихие лесные стоянки, яйла плато на вершинах Крымских гор с буйными травами в начале лета, тонкие потоки небольших крымских горных речушек, которые прокладывают себе путь среди камней.

This is perfect background music for travel vlogs, summer videos, youtube promotion, dance party. This is a sweet pop-rock song, extraveo by guitars, drums and e-organ. Sounds like Two Steps from Hell.

The nucleus accumbens is the area of the brain responsible for an emotional reaction to music.

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Beautiful inspirational track with acoustic guitar, drums, piano, guitar harmonics. Upbeat, carefree and uplifting electric guitar music track. A flowing, breezy and cool instrumental production with a smooth chill-out lounge feel. Clouds In The Skies. Fits a different kind of production like youtube video, TV commercial, advertising, vlog, presentation, family travel, happy kids and more!

The brain is able to tell that there is no danger or threat to actually feeling emotions deeply which stem from music, and as such, it allows the mind and body to vicariously perceive the emotions. Мухин Юрий Бэк Мухин Ю. Они расположены в Бахчисарайском районе на отрогах Средней горной гряды м над уровнем моря. Is ideally suited for choreographic enchanting spectacles! A beautiful relaxing chillhop track in the summer city mood.


Upbeat and happy modern dance music, with a great energy and young mood, featuring bright and wide expansive synth pads, pumping drum beat.

Я прошу прощения Сергей Вольный. Featuring wide and expansive synth pads, solid drum beat.

In the background, there are lots of digital synth sounds, warm synth bass, various effects, electronic drums, and percussion. Modern, energetic motivational dance pop music for the incredible projects.

Крым издавна славится своим неповторимым климатом, живописными пейзажами и ласковым морем. Волшебный край, очей отрада! Наш опрос Оцените мой сайт.

Main instruments are digital synth, pads, strings, piano, deep analog bass and groovy drum beat.